Barman Academy

Truly the two greatest features of the hospitality industry are it’s global connections and fellowship. Not one other community can claim to have achieved both, and though we still have a long way to go, we know exactly who can get us there.

Under the title Barman Group, they seized an opportunity in 2016 after many years of working and teaching social media. It was an opportunity that came as they discovered all the twists and turns of the industry. They had admired the camaraderie within the community and that inspired them to give others all they could while doing what they loved the most.

Their expertise in social media helped them to provide valuable content that targets both professionals and customers. Inevitably, they received global support from their efforts and reached more than 100 million people annually. As large as that number is, they are aiming for even more and, with the work that they are doing, they are bound to reach their goals.

The twists & turns they went through have been served to everyone else on a silver platter. This group introduced the first guide of distillates in the world in Spanish and called it Spirits International. They have presented us with videos of the legends of the industry, images of cocktails structured by professionals worldwide, and even articles about spirits such as Mezcal, Cachaca, Sherry and much more.

This business is not just about those who work in it, but also about the customers who are they key ingredients to success. For this reason, the Barman Group provides a site where customers and industry workers can benefit each other. The Best Bars Club is the ultimate guide to cocktail bars everywhere, and it’s for all types of people. Whether you are interested in a speakeasy bar or a coffee shop or even perhaps in the top 50 places in the world, this site has the answer.

New ideas are implemented daily, and they are introducing the largest training platform, “a Netflix of cocktail bars” globally, with the cooperation of the community. There’s a long way to go, but we know who is taking us there!

“Training is the most important thing to become different, without it, only the imitation of other ideas generates a low development & stunts the growth of communication. From our platform we develop & introduce people from anywhere in the world, discovering great professionals in the sector.” – Barman Academy



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