Someone who uses their imagination extensively could be perceived as simply ambitious, but true ambition is powerful when it is accompanied by vision and will power.

Samuel L James Jr. therefore can be called ambitious, and to understand why, we must look at the series of events that gives him his drive in life. His story begins in 2001 when he was laid off from a hotel job even though he had been committed and had put in long hours and dedicated himself to every task. Some people stumble upon the hospitality industry, but Samuel was born into it. His father was passionate about his job in hotel hospitality, and he wanted nothing more but to walk in his shoes.

For most people, being laid off from their dream job would break their spirit, but Samuel was different. He used it as an opportunity to grow and level the playing field by starting his own business based on all the years of experience he had. He began by formulating business plans for other bars and restaurants; his Bar Business Blueprintsevolved into Barprints.

As he became more known with the community, his mentality changed, and it was no longer just about equal opportunities, but implementing positive change in the industry. The way was clear and simple- to become sustainable by following any up and coming brands and making sure they get recognition.

His Instagram page and website quickly became a reliable source of cocktail ideas and inspiration. Even until today, he continues to grow the Barprints brand, and it has become one of the most recognizable brands associated with cocktail culture in the world. The website provides content that goes above and beyond what is expected. There his followers find a wide variety of choices to meet their every need; barware, glassware, a blog page, newsletter, signature cocktails and much more for you to check out. In addition, Samuel has written and published two books which teach how to make the perfect cocktail with techniques used by professionals. They are a recommended read!

As he forged new paths for himself, he also opened up new roads for others as they join him on the journey. Udarely, Crew Bottle Co. and Do Your Gin have been walking part of the road with him, and it is likely many more will join.

It is people like Samuel who are ambitious and inspirational that lead this industry. His bar tools are used all over the world by professional bartenders and mixologists. He has a new line of products coming out soon, so it is safe to say that the community can expect something exciting brewing. Cheers to you Samuel! And the Barprints brand!


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