Cocktails For You

Inspiration, education and entertainment are the three main motivations that have turned our life around. When we first began dabbling in mixology, we were lost and not sure whether it was the right business step for us. Our curiosity led us to check out what other people in the same industry were doing. We discovered it was difficult to find one site or page that covered everything we wanted to know. However, then we found it, a safe haven you might call it, because the entire community was brought together as one.

There it was on Instagram called Cocktails for You, and it was filled with beautiful photos from all aspects of the industry. The pictures and videos of exotic cocktails and interesting individuals drew us to learn more about them, and what we saw blew us away; a blog page, news, a calendar of upcoming events, and, our personal favorite, an All Star Bartender series. There is no doubt that their passion has given the community so many options and opportunities. Their articles alone cover all aspects of the industry including various bars, competitions, recipes, products and brands.

The two legends that run this establishment have to be mentioned, because they have changed the industry and made it what it is today; Edvinas Rudzinskas, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and his companion Danil Nevsky, The Minister of Mayhem. They are considered to be the traveling mixologists, that have made it their goal to pass on their obsession and love for bartending and to help others to shine within the industry. Both men have embarked on a unique and innovative journey to share their knowledge and experience all over the world and to bring the mixology community together. It’s even more exciting since we have a feeling they are just getting started!

Therefore, to all of you who are perhaps lost, unsure or even a tiny bit curious, we recommend that you venture on to their site and explore the information and inspiration found there. You will meet others like yourself to connect with and exchange ideas. Go ahead… your future awaits…




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