Melis Boozy Cure

One of the most essential components in presenting a cocktail for bartenders and mixologists is finding the perfect garnish that suits the ideal mixture.

The community is growing day by day, and more and more people are designing creative & beautiful cocktails. However, there are a few individuals that stand out, and one of them is Melisa Lapido, the “Michelangelo” of garnishes. She has perfected the Scientology of the perfect cocktail by being a blogger, content creator, mixologist, consultant and having many years of experience in the field.

Melisa was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but ended up in the Unites States working in different restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels, which gave her the chance to expand her knowledge and advance her career.

She is driven by her desire to learn and puts in hours of research on a daily basis. Absorbing every detail and fascinated by her peers, she was able to conceive some of the most iconic and artistic cocktails to be found anywhere. She uses a extensive variety of ingredients, glassware and garnishes; making her Instagram page the go-to place for ideas, for bartenders and for admirers of a unique drink. Designing and inventing something beautiful for others to enjoy what she loves the most in life, and she collaborates with many companies, brands and photographers to reach her goal.

As Melisa continues with her work and passion, her love for her followers and daily clients also grows, and as a result the people in the industry have responded with love and appreciation for all her efforts and accomplishments.

If anyone is ever lost or confused about what to use as a garnish, what glass to serve in, or what to add to it, just head over to her Instagram page & be ready to explore!


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  • Emilio J Molina

    Melissa is more than a Curator of her craft, She is diverse, Passionate, and Balanced, her drinks are art, to be viewed by sight and taste. To watch her create is a Dance on its own….. Simply Great!!

  • Sloan Bowers

    She is the best there is in her craft, and an incredible person as well.

  • Sloan Bowers

    She is the best there is in her craft, and an incredible person as well.

  • Adriana Andres

    She is fabulous!!!!I love to follow her

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