Milan Terzić

When it comes to the biggest names and personalities in the world of hospitality, mixology and cocktails, Milan Terzić is one of the most important in the community.

He has been in the hospitality business for over fifteen years catering with love and spreading the cocktail culture. Working also as a bartender he has gained knowledge of many aspects of the industry as well as mixology. From the very beginning he fought for quality, which made things at first difficult, but he strives to better and greater goals. He eventually launched two Instagram pages; Cocktails & Mixology and Bar & Mixology. They both shed light on unique bars around the world, artistic cocktails designed by passionate bartenders and exquisite ingredients crafted by the finest in the industry.

Cooperation is the key concept in his work, and he has plans for his sites including all kinds of educational content served to us through photos and videos. It is obvious he has a passion for his work and promotion of the industry which is summed up in his own words, “Life, love and a good drink.”

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