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We all have our childhood memories; running around outside, playing with toys and video games, and sometimes even pretending to be cowboys and superheroes. Well you can imagine our surprise when we found someone whose playtime as a kid included creating menus and pretending to have her own restaurant. If that’s not passion, we don’t know what it is! Ashley Lewis, aka Professional Lush, insisted on being home-schooled at the age of thirteen so she could start working in restaurants. Her decision was based on the fact that she truly enjoyed working with people and creating new experiences for them. Even at that time, she was certain she was on the right path.

Throughout the years, she has worked closely with chefs to hone her skills and has perfected numerous techniques and recipes, which has undoubtedly helped her become one of the most creative and talented bartenders out there.

The first high volume job was in Brio, but that would not be her last. She has worked in many places including Las Vegas & Los Angeles, but now you can find her five nights a week behind the bar at Bar Helix in Denver. Her many years of experience in the industry qualifies her to be able to lead them into the future by crafting new menus and rejuvenating their entire bar.

Ashley’s creativity spurs her on, and she plans to participate in worldwide competitions and some day open her very own bar. If you are wondering about her skills & expertise, then check out her cocktail recipes and content on her Instagram page. She continually manages to inspire many people all over the world. Ambition and earnestness led her to contribute on projects for AMASS gin & El Silencio, some include cocktail construction & cocktail filming.

Being a female entrepreneur in the industry has been challenging and complicated, but she has overcome these obstacles & has gained respect from her peers due to her skills and dedication. This proves that we should judge people only by their knowledge & capabilities.


“Creating memories & experiences; it’s the best feeling knowing you made someone’s night, or even introducing someone to a certain spirit.” – Professional Lush

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