Ron Colon Salvadoreno

It was an idea inspired by nothing other than the spirit of El Salvador itself. Ron Colon Salvadoreno cannot be explained though unless one knows the story behind how the rum came to be.

El Salvador, known as the Land of Volcanoes, has many agricultural products and among them are the two main components that it consists of; sugar cane and coffee. El Salvador is the smallest and most populated country in Central America, located between Guatemala and Honduras. It’s reputation does not do it justice, so five people have taken it upon themselves to prove to the world it’s uniqueness. Pepin Janssens, Felicity Gransden, Thurman Wise, Chris Rehberger and Tobias Jegenstam are individuals that have made it their goal to share the ethos of their product with rest of the hospitality industry.

The name refers back to the days when the country’s currency, the colones, was used and named after Christopher Columbus. The founders of RCS were inspired to develop it after traveling all over the Americas and discovering its great beauty and rich culture. The variety swept them off their feet. In 2018 while getting to know the humble people of El Salvador, their path led them to Jags Head Coffee. This family has been growing coffee for over 150 years, but they have not grown tired of it. Even until today they strive hard to make sure every single bean guarantees the best farm-to-cup experience.

Naturally, the cooperation of these two companies has produced a new take on a new product. Using the finest sugar cane and the best coffee beans in the world and with a dose of creativity and commitment, they have presented not just one, but two unique types of rum. One is high proof, aged rum and the other is a cold, coffee infused rum, but both are equally high in quality and equally unique in flavor.

This proves what a hand full of motivated individuals can accomplish. They have shone light on an undervalued country and brought families together as they traveled on their journey.

When one of the founders was asked what his greatest achievement was, his answer was like a high proof headshot for all of us.

“Father of two fantastic girls Ellah-jax & Maua, the husband to the most amazing woman Cynthia Espinoza Amorin. Without them there is no me. Without them there is no Ron Colon Salvadoreno.” – Pepin Janssens

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