Thirsty Italian

This is a story about two friends who accomplished something truly beautiful. It all began in 2014 when Andrea started working behind the bar as a bar-back and fell in love with the business. He decided that he should go into another aspect of the business to gain more knowledge and was lured by coffee to become a barista. Later he eventually emerged as a bartender. Céline, on the other hand, had never worked in hospitality but had always admired the art of making cocktails and wondered about the inner workings of mixology.

As they say life works in mysterious ways, and thus these two friends were brought together through their mutual admiration of mixed drinks. A longing to start a new adventure together caused them to begin to create cocktails at home and publish pictures on social media.

As we all know the hospitality business is a competitive market, but they powered through by combining their skills in marketing and mixology and constantly trying something new and innovative in the world of mixology and cocktail design. After brainstorming for quite some time they came up with a title for a new page that combined a twist of Italy with their inventions. Thus, the Thirsty Italian was born.

The page was a major hit and attracted all kinds of followers from strangers and brands to professional mixologists. They were delighted to receive support and love from the community and that added fuel to their fire. They strove to become even better and pushed themselves harder and harder. Collaborating with a brand called Hogg Norton, which creates natural fruit liquors that are gluten free and vegan, they were given a chance to create cocktails without additives or preservatives that appeal to those who want healthier and more colorful cocktails.

As these two friends move forward and expand their already extraordinary vision, they find themselves experimenting on more adventurous drinks and are picking up speed as they go. As their cocktails become more vibrant and they delve deeper into mixology, so have their goals become clearer. They are open to new ideas and collaborations to see where life takes them next. Perhaps it could be organizing a workshop, crafting colorful and interesting cocktails for private events, or even publishing their own recipe book. You should definitely stay tuned, because we know we will be.

“Creativity, a variety of ingredients & a unique selection of techniques are all you need to craft a beautiful & delicious cocktail.” – Thirsty Italian



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