Our Story

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the World of Bartenders! We have been selling premium bartender accessories since 2016. Then we didn't even know what we were starting but it has been a beautiful journey since then. We provide jobs for several people of this community. Our goal is to bring something new to this industry, something which no one else has been able to accomplish.

We have tens of thousands followers on Instagram and our society is growing bigger by the day. We are trying to help from beginners to professionals of this community as much as we can.

Our base is in Hungary with a warehouse in United States, China and France. We work for bartenders from all over the world daily from this beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

There’s only one thing we’re more passionate about than our business… the planet! This is why we’re making an effort to use sustainable practices in every part of our business. We’ve teamed up with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change.

CarbonClick looks like a green button at checkout. When you click it, a small contribution is added to your basket which purchases carbon offsets. These offsets reduce the environmental impact of the carbon emissions related to the purchase. CarbonClick’s offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. We’re proud to be part of the fight against climate change.

We’ll be making our own contributions, and changing our practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope you’ll join us in creating a sustainable future, by choosing to CarbonClick with your purchase.

We hope you join our journey! Cheers and have a nice day with full of cocktails!

Team Bartender World