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The ducks nuts

Adds bling and business to my cocktails, while matching my shaker too🍸🍸

Strained through the gears of time

A very cool strainer with a sturdy shape and beautiful design. Has a very shiny chrome finish.

The Shark Black Shaker from Bartender World is a Parisian-style shaker with a finish similar in shade to what’s known as Gunmetal Black but with a high gloss. Although it does take on handprints pretty quickly when using, it wipes clean and goes back to the perfect glossy black very easily. When closed it looks like a sort of urn, stately and angular. The functionality and sleek appearance make this perfect for a home bar or late night cocktails with friends.

It’s nicely weighted and shakes best when the larger tin is 2/3 full with ice, however, this design of shaker does tend to lock up and become hard to separate. To combat this you may need to adapt your Boston-style shaker opening technique, then it opens very quickly. Aiding this is a little ridge designed into the top of the smaller tin which helps to pull the tins apart when cold from shaking.

Overall a great purchase and having the skull/zodiac-looking strainer thrown in for free makes this a fantastic value.


Event Bartender

Love this set!! Stylish and very sturdy!! Also love my skull strainer that came with my purchase! My timing was spot on for the extra gift!

beautiful jigger

the jigger is beautiful and a lot bigger than i thought

Helsinki's Mixing Glass™
Karen Rutherford

it was smaller than i expected.. i hope you have a bigger version like 900ml

It is a steel shake, good quality and with the engraving it looks very beautiful

Very nice I love the details and the color

London's Royal Shaker™

Perfect condition!

Very nice. Good quality

Product arrived in 2 weeks, very well packed, great quality for value, super happy!

It’s my 2nd time ordering this product and it’s worth it! And this time it delivered fast! Very satisfied on the product ✨✨

It’s my 2nd time ordering this product and it’s worth it! And this time it delivered fast! Very satisfied on the product ✨✨

London's Royal Jigger™

The quality is very! Recommend

Waikiki's Paradise Pro Shaker™

The Trinker itself is cool! Very beautiful, but not a damn thing to the Shakers. Neither small for 500 ml, nor large for 700 ml. Barely stuck, if you use it in essence, then you get sick with it)))

I’m very satisfied with the quality of this and the detailed of the engrave is excellent 🙌🏻 easy to use especially at work when busy comes. Would love to buy a second pair ✨ and would love to recommend

Good weight, good material,fantastic!!!!!! Very happy!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Waikiki's Paradise Pro Kit™ - 5 pieces

Very beautiful.